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Tplink Extenders have a very convenient and easy web interface which helps in configuring the extender to setup the extended network. The web interface ( page for these extenders is as simple as it gets, this simplicity allows the user to setup and use the network without any hassle.

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Tplink Repeater are possibly the best range extenders available in the market right now. Their pocket-friendly price and simplistic design attracts many customers, moreover their top of the line hardware provides a reliable network extension. Tplink provides wireless repeaters for all types home and business networking needs. Some of the popular models that are used by many are: RE 500 AC1900, RE450 AC1750, RE305 AC1200 , RE200 AC750 and others. In addition to the powerful range extension that they can provide, they also look good doing it. Their simple design looks good with any kind of decor in the home or the workplace.




TPLink Repeater Setup and Installation login setup
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The setup and installation of these extenders can be done using any of the following methods:

Using the tplink tether app

1-Download and install the tp-link tether app from the play store for your mobile device

2-Place the tp-link extender within the range of your router

3-Power on the extender and wait for it to boot up

4-Connect to the wifi network of your extender on the phone

5-Switch to the tether application

6-Scan for available wifi networks, and locate your router’s ssid

7-Connect to it using your password

8-The default ssid for your extended network is the same as that of your network

9-Connect to your extended network

Using tplink web browser

1-Switch on your tp-link extender

2-Connect to your tp-link extender ssid

3-Open any web browser, and head to

4-Create a password for administrative privileges

5-The extender will look for the available wifi networks

6-Choose your network ssid for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands

7-Enter the password for the router’s ssid

8-Name your extended network and click next

9-Hit Save to apply the settings

10-Connect to the tp-link extender

Using WiFi Protected setup

1-Turn on the extender in close proximity to the router

2-Press the WPS button on the extender, you notice that the WiFi LED will start to blink

3-Press the WPS button on the router within two minutes

4-The devices will connect and the WIFi will become solid

5-You might have to the repeat this process if only one WiFi LED is on

6-Press the WPS button on both the devices again

7-Connect to your extended network, using the default credentials

Setup tplink Repeater RE500

You can connect the extender to the existing the router and repeat the routers signal to extend the range of your home/office network. The extender needs to be setup correctly in order to amplify the range of your router. Using the following steps you can setup and access tplink repeater login page with ease.



  1. Switch on the router and check the internet connection, if there is no internet on the router the extended network won’t give internet access either
  2. Turn on the tplink extender, once the the lights are on you can start with the setup
  3. Connect to your extender using the default information on the extender label
  4. Open on any web browser to access the settings of your extender
  5. Scan for your existing wifi name, and select it
  6. Enter your current password, and connect to it
  7. Set the name and password for your extended network, finalise the settings
  8. Your extender will now the increase the range and performance of your network

Setup tplink repeater RE450 using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Power on the router and check for internet access.

  1. Place the extender near your router and switch it on
  2. Press the WPS button on tplink RE450
  3. You have about two minutes to press the WPS button on the router
  4. The devices will connect in a moment
  5. Once the WiFi light is solid on the extender, connect to your extended network using the default credentials
  6. You will now have access to the internet from your tplink RE450

How to reset TPlink Repeater RE500 

In order to perform a factory reset on your device refer to the steps that follow:

  1. Connect the tplink device to a power source and ensure that it turns on
  2. Find the reset button on the extender
  3. Hold down the reset button on the extender and let go after 10 seconds
  4. The lights on the extender will go out and gradually turn back on
  5. Connect to the extender’s WiFi signal and access tplink repeater login page for the connection to the router
  6. Check the internet connection on the extended WiFi after the setup

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How to access the settings of tplink RE series range extender

  1. Power on the device whose settings you want to configure
  2. Open any web browser on a device that is connected to the extended network
  3. In the address bar write “” to open the settings page of the extender
  4. Type your password to login to the settings Login Page

The web interface of tplink extender can be used to monitor, control and manage the settings of the extended network. The default login credentials are mentioned on the device label. You can configure all the tplink extender once you login to the web interface. To access tplink repeater login page follow these steps

  1. Connect to your extenders wifi
  2. Open any web browser
  3. Open
  4. Enter the login credentials, the defaults are admin for both username & password.

Access login page to change network name and password of TPlink RE 450

  1. Turn on the extender and connect to the signal that it is broadcasting
  2. Type in on the address bar
  3. Login to the settings of your extender using your password
  4. Follow the quick setup and connect to your router
  5. Give a new name to the extended network and choose a desired password
  6. Click Save to save the new settings

Tplink Repeater Firmware Update using

Firmware is the underlying software which embedded on to the extenders hardware. The firmware is the software responsible for ensuring the correct functioning of the components of the extender. It ensures the communication between the underlying hardware and helps in collection of statistics. The firmware helps in providing a user interface through which we can configure and make changes on the extender easily. Firmware also provides security features on the device. New firmware versions are released periodically to fix any known bugs or exploits, sometimes new firmware version includes new features like an updated interface. Firmware update is also aimed at increasing the performance of the extender.So it is crucial to keep the firmware uptodate and to latest version, to ensure the security on your device.

How to upgrade the firmware of TP link Repeater RE500 manually

  1. Connect to the range extender’s wifi
  2. Download the latest firmware for your device from the official tplink website
  3. Choose any web browser and open
  4. Click cancel to cancel the quick setup
  5. Open the System tools tab
  6. Select firmware upgrade to update the firmware
  7. Select the firmware file you downloaded, and click upgrade
  8. The extender firmware will upgrade, this process might take upto 2 minutes, do not turn off the device using this period
  9. The extender will reboot after the upgrade

Upgrade the firmware of TPlink RE450

  1. While you’re connected to the range extender’s network, open any web browser
  2. Open
  3. Login to the settings using the password that you have set
  4. Cancel the setup wizard to see the settings of the existing connection
  5. Find the System tools tab and click on it
  6. Click in the firmware upgrade option to
  7. Check for new firmware version
  8. If there is a new firmware upgrade available, click the upgrade button to upgrade it
  9. The firmware will now upgrade, this usually takes a couple of minutes
  10. To complete the upgrade process, the router will reboot
  11. Do not turn off the power for the device while the upgrade is in progress

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